Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of a nutrition assessment / consultation?


Initial nutrition assessments are $175.00 per session.  Follow up visits will vary in cost based on time spent and nature of information shared with each patient.


What is the duration of a standard nutrition
assessment / consultation?


Initial consultations normally last 1-1.25 hours.  A thorough analysis of your health and nutrition history as well as your clinical signs and symptoms are assessed.   Follow up visits vary in duration based on information covered in each session. 


Do you accept insurance?


Most insurance plans do not recognize and/or cover the costs associated with nutrition counseling, therefore we do not accept insurance.  Many Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) or Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) will reimburse for nutrition services administered by a Registered Dietitian.  Necessary documentation will be provided to all clients to help facilitate this process.  We advise clients to check with their insurance company regarding coverage.  Full payment is expected the day of your office visit.


What types of consultations do you offer?


The Wellness Philosophy offers complete pediatric and adult nutrition care.  Assessment consultations are offered in office or by phone.  A detailed nutrition care plan is developed for each patient at the conclusion of each visit offering directives and recommendations for optimal nutrition care.


Will you see patients outside of Indiana?


Yes, although located in Indiana, The Wellness Philosophy accepts patients nationally and internationally.  For patients that cannot physically make it to our offices, phone and web video consultations are available.


Will you work in conjunction with my primary care physician
or other practitioner?

Yes, The Wellness Philosophy often works in tandem with various health care providers (MD, DO, NP, ND, and DC) to meet the health and wellness goals of each patient.  At patient request, a release will be provided to allow communication between Staci Small MA, RD and your health care provider.


Where are you located?


The Wellness Philosophy is conveniently located in Greenwood, Indiana (south suburb of Indianapolis).  Our offices are located conveniently off of Interstate 65 South just south of Interstate 465.


Do you offer supplements?


Yes, although supplementation many not be recommended or necessary for each patient, The Wellness Philosophy offers an extensive line of supplement products, including vitamins, probiotics and digestive health aids. We only offer supplement brands that have been rigorously third-party, lab-tested for potency and purity.


Do you offer lab testing?


The Wellness Philosophy offers the following forms of testing to help obtain an accurate picture of each patient’s symptoms:


   Food Sensitivity / Food Allergy

   Gluten / Casein Peptides

   Organic Acids

   Candida (yeast overgrowth)

   Vitamin and Nutrient Deficiency

   Stool Analysis

   Metabolic Pathways


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