Client Testimonials

“I can’t begin to tell you how pleased we are with the knowledge and nutrition services that Staci provides. Since performing food allergy and sensitivity testing, as well as implementing a gluten free, casein free diet for our 4 year old son diagnosed with autism, we have noticed improvement in his sleep, speech and social interaction.  We appreciate the guidance that Staci has provided to us for over a year and look forward to continuing to work with her in the future.”


Kim and Nathan – Greenwood, IN


“I was about at the end of my rope with my digestive issues and chronic constipation. Through Staci’s guidance, my stool frequency improved drastically from once every 2 weeks to once every 1-2 days. I am able to concentrate again on enjoying the little things in life.  Staci is so sweet and compassionate!  I am forever grateful for her knowledge and desire to help others.


Rita – Indianapolis, IN


“I met Staci after she presented on autism and developmental delays at our care-group’s monthly meeting. Her past experience as a Defeat Autism Now! – DAN practitioner drew me to seek her services for my son on the spectrum.  Staci’s recommendations on diet, testing and supplementation were right on and have provided so much improvement. He gained 5 new words (he was non-verbal) within the first week of implementing her recommendations.  His tummy poking and constipation have gotten so much better too!  I have referred her to several others and feel she is the answer to my prayers.”


Kaitlyn – Fishers, IN


“I didn’t realize that so many of my health and digestive problems were the result of my food sensitivities that I discovered through testing available at The Wellness Philosophy.  Once I was able to identify my problem foods, I made the necessary adjustments based on Staci’s recommendations and today I feel great.”


Marc – Carmel, IN


“Staci has been helping my daughter who was diagnosed with autism nearly 3 years ago.  I knew I wanted to approach her recovery biomedically but found that there are only a few experienced practitioners and doctors using this approach in Indiana and therefore had long wait lists.  One of the doctors recommended Staci Small, so I was thrilled when I was able to get my daughter in to see her soon after I contacted her.  Staci completed a detailed assessment and provided individualized recommendations to get us started.  She continues to provide new ideas and appropriate adjustments each time we see her.  She provides me with so much hope and encouragement.


Susanne – Indianapolis, IN


“Working with Staci has been a dream.  When most people think of a dietitian, they think of someone that is solely focused on healthy foods and weight loss. Although I initially went to Staci to find out how I could better my diet, she uncovered so much more to help me in my journey to feel better.  Her responsiveness is top-notch and I look forward to her encouraging personality each time we meet.”


Cindy – Greenwood, IN


“Staci’s practice is one-of-a-kind! I have never sat down with anyone in the health care industry for well over an hour to discuss my issues as I did with Staci.  She is no ordinary dietitian, as I have met with others in the past.  My energy levels are great now!  Highly recommended!”


Jessica - Bloomington, IN


“I originally met with Staci before becoming pregnant.  I wanted to make sure I was offering my baby the best start I possibly could.  I obtained a lot of great information and feel that Staci was able to offer first-hand guidance to me as a fellow mother.  I still continue to meet with Staci on a regular basis to monitor progress of my now 6 month old.”


Jennifer – Indianapolis, IN


“I have not personally met Staci, but have had numerous phone consultations with her to implement biomedical nutrition for my sons (3 and 6 year old), both with ASD.  She is fantastic about offering guidance for each of my son’s unique situations.  They have responded very well to her supplement recommendations and I appreciate her always being available to help me when needed.”


Ellen – Grand Rapids, MI


“After being encouraged by other moms to try diet interventions with my son diagnosed with Asperger’s,  I was referred to Staci by a close friend that used her services in the past.  I was reluctant at first, since I live an hour and a half away.  I was pleasantly surprised and comforted during my visit. I left our appointment with a game plan on how to implement a specialized diet at home for my son. He has improved in many ways since starting this diet, most notably he is less irritable and aggressive.  Staci is so nice and has extensive knowledge  in helping kids on the spectrum.   She truly wants the best for my child.”


Elizabeth – Muncie, IN


“Our son developed facial tics at age 2.  After visiting several doctors and receiving little direction or improvement, we consulted with Staci and explored some options she presented.  Once we gained additional insight through some much needed lab work, we began to make diet changes and replete targeted nutrients.  Six months later, his facial tics are almost gone completely and his behavior is much improved.”


Leeann – Indianapolis, IN


“In a day when most of us are “numbers” as we meet with various health care providers, Staci is a welcomed relief.  She spends the necessary time with me to make sure my questions are answered and that I have a plan to meet my goals. ”


Stephen – Franklin, IN


“Staci was the only one that was able to help me recover from my multi-year battle with candida.   It took some time, but I finally overcame this monster with Staci’s know-how and guidance.  I would highly recommend her to anyone with candida issues or who wants to improve their health.”


Joanne – Greenwood, IN


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